Steel frame equestrian buildings

From conception, to design and build, we're your trusted partner for quality equestrian buildings

Steel frame equestrian buildings uk

Equestrian steel frame buildings

We take pride in crafting professional steel frame equestrian buildings that stand as a testament to our commitment to excellence. Whether you’re a seasoned equestrian professional or a horse enthusiast, our structures are designed to exceed your expectations.

March Projects

Elevate your equestrian experience with steel frame excellence

Unmatched durability

Our steel framed equestrian buildings are more than just structures – they’re a promise of durability. Crafted from high-quality steel, our buildings ensure a secure and comfortable haven for your beloved horses, standing strong against the test of time and weather.

Tailored to your needs

At March Projects, we understand that every equestrian venture is unique. That’s why our steel frame buildings are fully customisable to suit your specific requirements. From spacious stables to riding arenas, we bring your vision to life with precision engineering and a keen eye for detail.

Expert craftsmanship

Our team of seasoned professionals combines expertise with a passion for perfection. We don’t just build buildings; we create spaces where the love for horses can thrive. The careful planning and meticulous execution of our projects ensure that your steel frame equestrian building is not only functional, but a visual masterpiece.

Future-proof investment

Investing in a March Projects steel frame equestrian building is not just about the present; it’s a commitment to the future. Our structures are engineered to adapt and evolve, providing a long-lasting foundation for your equestrian pursuits. Experience peace of mind knowing that your investment is built to last.

A name you can trust

Unparalleled expertise

With years of experience in the construction industry, March Projects is a name you can trust. Our team brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, ensuring that your steel frame equestrian building exceeds industry standards.

Equestrian steel frame buildings
Equestrian steel frame buildings
Equestrian steel frame buildings UK
Equestrian steel frame buildings UK

Why choose March Projects?

Customer-centric approach

Your satisfaction is our priority. From the initial consultation to the final nail, we keep you in the loop, making sure your input shapes the final outcome. Your dream equestrian facility is a collaboration between our expertise and your vision.

Competitive pricing

Affordability without compromise

Quality shouldn’t break the bank. March Projects offers competitive pricing without compromising on the superior quality of our steel frame equestrian buildings. We believe in making excellence accessible to all.

Equestrian steel building erection
Equestrian steel building erection
Steel framed equestrian barn
Steel framed equestrian barn

Unmatched quality

Ranking high with March Projects

Experience the difference that March Projects Construction brings to the world of steel frame equestrian buildings. Transform your equestrian space into a haven of strength, durability, and unmatched quality.

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Steel frame horse buildings
Steel frame horse buildings

Services included in each project

Every project is unique but we always follow the same proven combination

Steel frame building Planning

Planning and building regs approval

Say goodbye to the headaches of Planning and Building Regs Applications. March Projects unleashes the power of pain-free approvals through our dynamic team of partner architects. We’re not just fast and efficient – we’re your shortcut to success, slashing costs while experienced professionals handle the nitty-gritty. Let’s turn your paperwork woes into a streamlined symphony of progress.

Steel frame building design

Steel framed building design

Whether you’re laying the groundwork for your dream project or already armed with a pro-designed blueprint, we’re your go-to dream-team. It doesn’t matter if you need just the supplies or the full dazzling package, we’ll help to turn your vision into reality.

Steel frame building Foundation

Foundation and groundworks

Building a fortress starts with a rock-solid base, and we’ve got the expertise to make yours unshakeable. From cosy insulated slabs to powerfully polished concrete finishes, we craft foundations that go beyond sturdy – they’re a work of art. Need inspection pits, clever recesses, or internal services seamlessly integrated? Consider it done, because at our core, we build dreams.

Steel frame building Maintenance

Maintenance and refurbishment

Collaborating hand-in-hand with our dynamic new build division, we don’t just construct, we rejuvenate. Dive into a world of maintenance and refurbishment expertise where we seamlessly transform everything from shattered roof lights and worn-out gutters to giving entire structures a modern, energy-efficient makeover. Let our experienced team turn your vision into reality – because we thrive on revitalising spaces.

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